Parents, did you know… Each year millions of dollars in scholarships are awarded to youth bowlers across the country through the SMART program.

SMART (Scholarship Management & Account Reporting for Tenpins), an independent entity, provides a central location to manage bowling scholarships at no cost to you.  You went to all the practices and games, now you have the easy part.

How does SMART work?  Once a youth bowler’s scholarship funds are submitted to SMART, access a one-stop online servicing portal, and view the scholarship funds, and request funds to be sent directly to the educational institution.

Scholarship funds must be deposited into SMART within 30 days of the end of the event.  Then both you and your youth bowler can check to make sure funds have been added, and watch the funds grow!  Access the user-friendly SMART portal at for all information needed to easily manage your account.  Once a scholarship has been submitted and funded, your child automatically has a SMART account.

Key SMART Portal Features:

• Create a username and password to access your account information

• Review Frequently Asked Questions for scholarship recipients

• Download policy and procedure manuals

• Review submitted scholarships accuracy


SMART funds only are available after high school graduation.  Funds disbursement must be paid directly to the secondary educational institution.  Reimbursements and/or direct distribution of funds are not allowed.  Additionally, textbooks, required class supplies, and any equipment necessary for completion of a course or program must be purchased through the campus bookstore.

Did you know scholarship funds can be used for just one class, a book, or more, and can be used at the following educational institution?

Scholarship funds can be sent to:

• Universities

• Colleges

• Business Schools

• Technical Schools

• Trade Schools

• Vocational Schools

Scholarship funds may be used for the following:

  • Student Loans
  • Tuition and Fees
  • On-campus meal plans
  • On & Off-campus housing plans
  • Transferred to a family member (with several requirements apply which in part, allows anyone 21 years of age or older to transfer their unused funds to a family member with at least four years of USBC membership history).

 SMART is committed to helping youth bowlers achieve their educational goals and reach their full potential!

If you have questions, please visit or email us at SMART@BOWL.COM


Contact Us:

E-mail: KCODirector


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