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Article I



The name of the organization is the Kansas City Open



Article II

Not For Profit Organization and Sanction 


Section A.              Not For Profit Organization

The organization is organized as a not for profit organization and has a Taxpayer Identification Number. The organization is not subject to have to backup withholdings either because we have not been notified that we are subject to backup withholdings as a result of a failure to report all interest or dividends, or the Internal Revenue Service has notified us that we are no longer subject to backup withholdings.


Section B.              Sanction

The organization shall be sanctioned by USBC and subject to its authority. To maintain its sanctioning, the organization must:

  1. Apply annually for sanction through USBC.
  2. Adopt rules approved by the USBC.
  3. Not enact any rules inconsistent with USBC’S rules.
  4. Adhere to standards and stated requirements as set forth in the USBC Tournament Policy Manual.


Article III



The purpose of the organization was established to:

  1. Providing post secondary educational scholarship funds to youth bowlers.
  2. Equal opportunity for all youth bowlers in competing of equal skills in the sport of bowling without regard to race, religion, youth age (as determined by USBC), gender, disability, or national origin.
  3. Promoting the game of American Tenpins.
  4. Conducting and supporting bowling competition.
  5. Engaging in any other activities permitted by an organization classified as a tournament sanctioned through USBC.


Article IV

Membership and Dues


Membership is composed of individuals who pay dues to the organization and is in effect from September 1, through August 31.


An individual joining anytime within those dates shall pay dues that are known to be, only for the balance of the current season.


Each individual must be a USBC Youth Sanction member.  USBC Youth Sanction membership fees shall be paid as stated forth by USBC prior to their first tournament or can be purchased through the Kansas City Open at their first tournament.


The Kansas City Open Board of Directors, by majority vote, determined and adopted organization dues to be $10.00 annually.


Article V

Board of Directors - Management


Section A.              Board Composition, Authority and Duties

The management and governance of the organization is vested in the Board of Directors.

The total number of directors is five (5).


The Board shall not engage in any acts constituting a conflict of interest. The board’s duties included but are not limited to:

  1. Promote and administer the KCO tournaments and funds derived from the tournaments for the benefit of the scholarship winners.
  2. Enforcing the KCO Bylaws and Rules.
  3. Complying with the USBC Tournament Policy Manual.
  4. Ensuring adherence to all USBC Standards.
  5. Conducting championship level competition for its membership constituency; youth bowlers.
  6. Selecting/appointing and evaluating the performance of Tournament Staff.
  7. Handling protest(s) by making decisions in accordance with and comply with USBC Youth rules.


Section B.              Eligibility

A member for the Board must be:

  1. A Volunteer.
  2. Willing to devote an entire day of each tournament in administering the KCO tournament.
  3. Member must be willing to promote the KCO to youth bowlers, and assist its officers as needed.
  4. Member adopted/appointed without regard to race, color, religion, gender, disability, national origin, or age, other than the minimum age of 18, unless state laws mandate a specific age.
  5. Any member of the board authorized to sign contracts or acting as a signatory on organization accounts must be a minimum age of 18 to meet the bonding requirements.
  6. Must not have any record of offense(s) which would fall under the scope of USBC Rules violating the registered volunteer program.


Section C.             Directors

Directors are adopted/appointed by majority vote of current directors.


Section D.              Term

The term for directors is unspecified.  The number of years in a term is unspecified.


Section E.            Resignation, Removal and Vacancies:


  1. Resignation. A board member may resign from the board of directors by providing written notice of resignation to the President/Chairman or, in the case of the President/Chairman, to the board.

                a.   Two-thirds written consent of the full board is required to seek reappointment to the board.

       2.    Removal for Cause. When a board member is accused, in writing, of failure to properly perform the              duties of their office or otherwise engaging in improper or unfair activities or conduct, the board may  conduct a hearing for removal.

       3.    Vacancies. Are filled as needed by the board.



Article VI



Section A. President/Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer

The officers of this organization shall include a President/Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer or Secretary/Treasurer as one person.


Section B.   Authority and Duties

Officers perform all duties as required by USBC including but not limited to:

  1. Submit all required paper work within specified time limits.
  2. Comply with all USBC Standards and Policies within the Tournament Policy Manual.
  3. Forward all scholarship award funds and names of winners as required for deposit with the SMART program with National USBC Youth Headquarters.
  4. Names on record as the official agents with USBC and Banking Records.


Section C.   Term

The term for officers is unspecified. The number of years in a term is unspecified.


Section D.   Specific Authority and Duties

  1. President/Chairman

                a.   Presides at all meetings.

                b.   Acts as spokesperson for the organization.

                c.   Complies with USBC Tournament Policy Manual

                d.   First official agent of record.

        e.   Assigns directors to specific jobs/duties. Also including tournament staff members.

      2.      Secretary

                a.   Presides at all meetings when president/chairman is absent.

                b.   Second official agent of record.

                c.   Performs other duties as prescribed by the board or by the president/chairman.

                d.   Handles all paper work requirements for organization as prescribed by the board and in the 

              USBC Tournament Policy Manual.


      3.     Treasurer

                a.   Accountable to the board.

                b.   Accountable for all funds and transactions thereof.

                c.   Responsible for implementation of USBC’s standards.

                d.   Responsible for other duties as prescribed by the board and in the USBC Tournament Policy


        e.   Is the third agent of record (if applicable).



Article VII



Section A.              Board Meeting

The board of directors shall meet at least two times each season. Special meetings may be held upon the request of any board member if a majority of the board approves.

  1. Notice. Written and/or verbal notice for all regular and special meetings shall be forwarded to the board when slated at earliest convenience.
  2. Quorum. Three (3) Board members constitute a quorum.
  3. Action. A majority vote of officers and directors, present and voting, at a properly noticed meeting, when a quorum has been established, is required to take action, unless otherwise provided by law or these bylaws. Absentee and proxy voting are permitted only if written document(s) is shown/provided.
  4. Action(s) Without a Meeting. Actions that are deemed necessary to conduct business/operations of the organization may be taken outside of a board meeting by use of mail, email or teleconferencing. The organization does allow the board to vote via same methods.


Section B.              Parliamentary Procedure

The most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, governs all meetings.



Article VIII

Tournament Staff


Section A.         Tournament Staff Members

A tournament staff member is a non-voting KCO board member with duties and responsibilities as such the same mandates and requirements thereof.

  1. Non-voting does not mean no voice. All members are allowed in discussion(s) and are needed.



Article IX



Section A.              Procedure

Any board member of the organization may submit proposed amendments to these bylaws.  The bylaws may be amended at any meeting, by a majority vote of the officers and directors present and voting.  The amendment must be:

  1. Submitted in writing to the president/chairman or secretary.
  2. Submitted prior to the meeting.


Section B.              Change in Dues

Annual membership dues are changed at the discretion of the board of directors.

Any adopted changes in dues can only start at the beginning of a season.


Section C.              Effective Date

All amendments are effective September 1, following adoption, unless otherwise specified when adopted.



Article XI

Fiscal Year


The fiscal year of this organization is September 1 through August 31.



Article XII



Directors, officers, and other authorized volunteers, employees or agents shall be indemnified against claims for personal and individual liability arising in connection with their positions or service on behalf of the organization to the full extent permitted by law.


Bylaws Adopted MAY 2013


Contact Us:

E-mail: KCODirector


Fees collected at tournament check-in.

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